Restore Data from Lenove Windows 10 Partition

Have you accidentally formatted your Lenovo Windows 10 laptop partition? It is one of the most common situations faced by Laptop users across the globe. After facing Windows 10 partition formatting issue, you want to recover data from Lenovo Windows 10 laptop partition because it may contain some files which are very important for you. In order to perform Windows 10 Lenovo recovery partition, you can take the help of Lenovo Data Recovery software because there is no way which can help you in recovering data from Lenovo Windows 10 partition. This efficient utility is specially developed by using advanced scanning algorithms for recovering data from Lenovo laptops which are running on Windows 10 systems without any more difficulty.

As all of us know that, Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Windows NT series introduced by Microsoft Corp. Whereas Lenovo is of the World’s largest laptop and computer related manufacturing brand. Lenovo laptops are coming with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge or unintentionally, you may format your Lenovo Windows 10 laptop drive partition and face huge amount of data loss. Data saved on Lenovo drive partition can be very important for you. So that you want to get it back at any cost. For performing Windows 10 Lenovo recovery partition, you can take the help of Lenovo Data Recovery software and easily overcome from partition data loss issue very easily. In order to know more about Lenovo Formatted partition data recovery, check this page:                            

Common Causes of Lenovo Windows 10 Partition Data Loss:

  • Accidentally formatting Lenovo system drive partition instance of others
  • Lenovo Windows 10 laptop hard drive file system corruption
  • Unknowingly deletion Lenovo partition when reinstalling OS
  • Interruption while changing the file system of drive partition
  • Corruption of Master Boot Recover of Lenovo Windows 10 computer
  • Virus infection on Lenovo Windows 10 computer hard drive partition
  • Using improper way to extending or shrinking the size of Lenovo partition

Salient Features of Lenovo Data Recovery Software:

  • With the help of this hassle free app, you can recover data from Windows 10 Lenovo laptop partition which can be assigned with any file system such as FAT32, NTFS, FAT16, and NTFS5 without any difficulty.
  • Lenovo Data Recovery utility can also be used to get back data from various external data storage devices like an external hard drive, memory sticks, Solid State device, pen drive, MMC, SD card, memory card as well as numerous other devices easily.
  • You can take the help of Lenovo Data Recovery tool to restore data from various raid volumes, including RAID0, RAID1, RAID2, RAID3, RAID4, etc. just by following few simple mouse clicks.
  • This software is not only limited to Microsoft Windows system, you can also download the Apple Mac version of this user friendly app and perform data recovery on all the latest versions of Apple Mac laptops without any issue.
  • By using this software, Windows 10 Lenovo recovery partition deleted files can be easily done which can be a video clip, documents, pdf file, application, audio file, images, excel file, presentation and others very easily.           
  • Lenovo Data Recovery program is also capable to recover data from Lenovo Windows 10 partition which can be inaccessible, non-recognized, deleted, or damaged just by following few simple steps.

Steps to Recover Data from Lenovo Windows 10 Drive Parition:

Step I: Download and install Lenovo Data Recovery app on your Windows 10 system and launch it, from the first screen choose "Recover Drives" option.

Windows 10 Lenovo Recovery Partition - Home Screen

Figure I: Home Screen

Step II: Now choose either "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option to recover data from Windows 10 partition according to the data loss scenarios.

Recover Data From Windows 10 Lenovo Laptop Partition - Recovery Method

Figure II: Select Recovery Option

Step III: In the next step, it will display the list of Windows 10 logical partition, select the Lenovo drive partition from where you have lost or deleted your data.

Recover Data from Lenovo Windows 10 Laptop Partition - Select Drive

Figure III: Select Drive

Step IV: Once scanning process is completed, you can preview the recovered data using "Preview" option of the software.

Recovering Data from Lenovo Windows 10 Partition- Save Files

Figure IV: Save Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8)
and Mavericks Users