Tool to Recover Lenovo USB Flash Drive Data

“Hi everyone, some of my important files has been deleted from my Lenovo USB flash drive. Is there any way by which I can get them back? These deleted files are very important for me and I do not have enough time to prepare them. So please suggest me the way by which I can easily perform Lenovo recovery USB flash drive!!”

Deleted file recovery from USB flash drive is possible because after deletion of file, it is still present on the drive until this deleted file is not overwrite by new upcoming file. Due to this, Lenovo USB flash drive files recovery is possible, but to get back them, you need an advanced recovery program because after deletion of file from USB flash drive there is no manual way by which it can be successfully achieved. In order to get back deleted files from Lenovo USB flash drive, you can take the help of Lenovo Data Recovery application and easily overcome from all files deletion circumstances. This efficient recovery program is developed by using advanced searching algorithms which perform deep scanning of Lenovo USB flash drive and restore each bit of information of deleted file as it was before deletion.  

Common Scenarios of File Deletion from Lenovo USB Flash Drive:

  • After deleting a file from Lenovo USB flash drive, it gets removed from the drive permanently rather than moving to recycle bin or trash folder.
  • Connecting the Lenovo USB flash drive with virus infected laptop can lead to virus attack on the drive by which files saved on the drive get deleted.
  • Corruption of Lenovo USB drive file system is also one of the most common causes of files deletion from the drive because after corruption of flash drive file system entire drive become inaccessible.
  • While removing useless files from Lenovo USB flash drive, you can unknowingly delete few important files and face file deletion issue.     

Salient Features of Lenovo Data Recovery Software:

  • This easy to use app can be utilized to perform Lenovo recovery USB flash drive as well as also supports to get back data from different kinds of hard disk interfaces such as IDE, SATA, PATA, SCSI, and ATA easily.
  • Lenovo Data Recovery software has enough power to recover data from formatted USB flash drive, along with inaccessible, non-booting, damaged, non-recognized, broken, corrupted hard drives within few simple mouse clicks.
  • Lenovo Data Recovery software is able to recover data from USB flash drive which can have assigned with any file systems like FAT16, HFS+, FAT32, HFS, NTFS, and NTFS5.
  • With the help of Lenovo Data Recovery app, you to create disk images of USB flash drive to bypasses bad sectors by which data recovery from bad sector area of USB flash drive can be done without any difficulty.
  • It has developed for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac based operating systems. So, that, both users can download it based on their OS and proceed with Lenovo recovery USB flash drive just by following few simple mouse clicks.  In order to know more about USB flash drive data recovery on Windows 8 system, check this page:
  • This hassle-free tool can also be utilized to recover data files from USB flash drive which can be in any file format based on their creation date, file size, extension, signature, modify date, etc. easily.   

Steps To Recover Deleted Files Lenovo USB Flash Drive:

Step A: Download and install Lenovo Data Recovery application on your system. Then launch the tool and select  "Recover Files" option from the main screen as shown in Figure A.

Lenovo Recovery USB Flash Drive - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step B: Now, choose "Recover Deleted Files" option to get back deleted files Lenovo USB flash drive as shown in Figure B.

Recover Data From USB Flash Drive - Select Recover Deleted Files

Figure B: Select Recover Deleted Files

Step C: Select your Lenovo USB flash drive from the list of drives and then click on next button to start scanning process as shown in Figure C.

Recover Data From Formatted USB Flash Drive - Select Lenovo Drive

Figure C: Select Lenovo USB Flash Drive

Step D: Once done with scanning process, you can preview the recovered files and then save the retrieved files on your destination location as shown in Figure D.

Get Back Deleted Files From Lenovo USB Flash Drive - Save Restored Data

Figure D: Save Retrieved Files

Complete guidelines on how to recover deleted files have been shown on YouTube tutorial, and here’s the video link.

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