Data Recovery from Lenovo Laptop Hard Drive

  • Perfect recovery tool to recover lost or deleted data from Lenovo desktop/laptop computers

  • Capable to restore data from formatted, corrupted or RAW Lenovo drive

  • A highly-advanced tool to perform data recovery from Lenovo drive on Windows and Mac OS

  • Proficient software to find and restore 300 types of files from Lenovo storage devices


Lenovo is one among the most popular brands for producing laptop and desktop computers, Smartphones etc. Among all these products, Lenovo laptop is an advanced and widely accepted electronic device to store, access and share data among various storage devices. It supports various OS platforms like Windows, Mac etc. The hard drive of Lenovo laptop comes with high storage capacity on which one can store any type of data including documents, image files, music files, video clips, application programs, RAR files, system files etc. All these stored data can be access at any time and at any place due to portability feature of Lenovo laptop.

But sometimes, you may start querying "Is it possible to restore data from Lenovo laptop?", "How to recover data from Lenovo laptop?", "which is the best tool for data recovery from Lenovo computer?" etc. Usually, this kind of questions will arise due to loss or deletion of data from Lenovo laptop. However, there is nothing much to worry even though if you have lost your valuable data from it!! Because, it is possible to retrieve data from Lenovo laptop!!! There are various tools available on Google that can help you to restore lost or deleted data from your Lenovo laptop. But in order to successfully get back all your data, first, you need to avoid adding new content to your Lenovo device. Because lost or deleted data still resides on your system HDD and if it gets overwritten by some new data, then it won't be possible to get data back from your Lenovo computer.

So, it is recommended to use highly-advanced and well-known recovery product ie., Lenovo Data Recovery Software soon after loss or deletion of data from Lenovo computer. Lenovo Data Recovery tool is an efficient and effective tool designed specially to recover Lenovo desktop or laptop data. This recovery software has an ability to restore your entire data within a couple of minutes. Now again you may get a question:

Under what situations Lenovo Data Recovery software can be used?

  • Formatted Lenovo Drive: Formatting is a process of deleting or erasing entire data from a respective storage device. That is, without having a backup if you intentionally format your Lenovo drive, then it causes complete deletion of data from it. Data may also get deleted from Lenovo drive due to unknowingly or unintentionally formatting a drive and causes for this is OS re-installation, corrupted drive, format errors etc.

  • Virus Attack: Virus or malware are small but very effective threats which can lead to loss or deletion of data from your storage devices. If your Lenovo computer is severely affected by harmful viruses, then you may not be able to access a few of your essential files from it. This leads to loss of data from your Lenovo drive. Even to get rid of the virus, you may use anti-virus tool, but this third-party application may delete your essential file during the scanning process. So, virus plays a major role in loss or deletion of data from your Lenovo laptop.

  • Deleted/Lost Partition: Basically, a hard drive will be segmented or integrated into multiple logical drives called as hard drive partitions.  There are several advantages of hard drive partitioning. But at the same time, there is a disadvantage i.e. Lenovo HDD partition may get deleted or lost due to various reasons and as a result of this, you will lose your important data stored on that particular partition.

  • Damaged File System: File System of your Lenovo storage device may get damaged or corrupted due to a number of reasons like bad sectors, errors while converting the file system, etc. So as a result of the damaged file system, you won’t be able to access or extract data from your Lenovo device which leads to huge loss of data from it.

  • User Mistakes: Accidental deletion and frequent OS-reinstallation are two common user mistakes which result in data loss from their Lenovo HDD. That is, while deleting unwanted data user may accidentally select and delete few essential files by using “Shift + Delete” key combination. Frequent OS re-installation may corrupt or crash the Lenovo hdd which causes data loss from it.

The other reasons due to which may lose data from Lenovo desktop/laptop computer are interrupted data transfer, improper defragmentation, system restore, power surge or sudden system shutdown, OS crash etc. Anyhow, you don't have to worry about any of these scenarios because Lenovo Data Recovery software works efficiently in order to restore data which has been lost or deleted due to above-mentioned scenarios. So Lenovo data recovery is a perfect and result oriented tool compared to other available recovery products in the market.

Why is Lenovo Data Recovery Software Preferred?

Lenovo Data Recovery is highly competitive and award-winning tool which has been reviewed and recommended by industry experts to recover data from Lenovo storage device. It supports both desktop and laptop computers which are running on 32 and 64-bit of Windows or Mac OS. It is free from the virus as well as you will be guided 24/7 by professional technicians. This tool has easy, secure and fast recovery process to in order to recover 300 file types including images, music, video files, movies, documents, software programs, spreadsheet, and more. It also supports various storage devices like external hard drive, FireWire drive, iPods, Smart phones, memory cards, flash drives, RAW files etc. This utility can find and restore files based on their unique signatures. It is read only program which doesn't alter any of your original content during the recovery process.

Data recovery from Lenovo HDD can be effortlessly done using its strong scanning programs. This recovery program has simple and graphical user interface using which even novice user can come to know how to recover data from Lenovo computer within a short duration of time. It can even recover data from a RAW drive. It supports data recovery from FAT, ExFAT, HFS, NTFS, HFSX, and also from RAID partitions. This tool is also capable to recover data from various Lenovo devices like Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, ThinkPad etc. Other than Lenovo, it also supports various laptop brands like HP, Acer, Sony, Dell, Compaq, etc. Its Preview feature allows you to view the recovered data before restoration in order to examine its recovery performance.

Installation & recovery steps of Lenovo Data Recovery software:

Step 1: Download demo version of Lenovo Data Recovery tool and install it on the hard disk of your healthy computer. Then run the software and choose "Recover Drives" option from the main screen to recover data from Lenovo drive as shown in Figure A.

Lenovo Data Recovery - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, based on your loss scenarios, choose either "Partition Recovery" or "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option as shown in Figure B.

Lenovo Hard Drive Data Recovery - Select Option

Figure B: Select Option

Step 3: The software displays the list of drivers present on your system. Select the particular Lenovo drive from which you have lost or deleted data and then click on "Next" tab as shown in Figure C.

Lenovo Laptop Data Recovery - Select Lenovo Drive

Figure C: Select Lenovo Drive

Step 4: Once done with the Lenovo data recovery, you will be able to preview all the restored data in "File Type View" or "Data View" as shown in Figure D.

Recover Data from Lenovo Laptop Hard Drive - Preview Restored Data

Figure D: Preview Restored Data

Safety Majors

  • Always keep a backup of your essential data in an external storage device so that you will not be in trouble in any disastrous situations.
  • Use a trustworthy and updated version of Anti-virus tool to scan your entire storage device at regular interval of time in order to keep your Lenovo device free from virus.
  • Avoid abrupt ejection of external storage device especially during data transfer process.
  • Make sure that the selected files for deletion are not required for further use.

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